Prime cattle arrival times

As you know, Melton pays full weight for animals down to the last kilo.  We have recently been conducting tests on weight loss at the market pre and post sale.   These studies have shown that the average fat beast loses around 7-8 kilos from time of arrival to sale time and a further similar amount between sale and departure.  If an animal arrives late, especially where it is from a local farm, then it will usually lose less weight than the average.

So as to be fair to all market participants and to assist in the smooth operation of the market, we ask that all fat stock be in by 9:30am on sale day.  Any stock that is in later than this will still be sold, but will be sold after those that have arrived on time and the time of arrival will be announced in the ring.  Buyers will then be able to make their own judgment based on arrival time and where it has come from when bidding.

Following the consultation, this approach has now been in place since 20 February 2018.  We remind all customers as well of paragraph 14 of the LAA conditions of sale which states:

14 Sale by weight
The weights of such animals as are sold by weight shall be declared by the Auctioneer
at the time of sale. Any dispute regarding the weight of any animal shall be
determined by the Auctioneer who may, in his sole discretion, reweigh any animal.

Code of Market Conduct

Thank you to all of those who responded to our consultation on the Code of Market Conduct which was generally received as a useful and non controversial guidance.  The Code is now live and can be found here:

Code of Market Conduct