Saturday Sales – Horses, Tack, & Machinery


The Machinery sales will return in the spring of 2018

On the 1st Saturday of every month we will be holding our general monthly sale of horse and tack.  Horses will be sold on a first come first served basis, and no pre-booking is available.  Tack lots must be pre-entered throughout the month, and lot numbers will be allocated and sent to vendors prior to the sale.

Our general horse sales are the first Saturday of every month, unless there is another event at the market, confirmed dates for 2018 are:

20th January 2018- Monthly Horse & Tack Sale

3rd February- Monthly Horse & Tack Sale

3rd March- Monthly Horse & Tack Sale

17th March- Regular Horse Sale & Premium Tack Sale

7th April- Monthly Horse, Tack & Machinery Sale

21st April- Premium Horse & Tack Sale

19th May- Monthly Horse, Tack & Machinery Sale

2nd June- Monthly Horse, Tack & Machinery Sale

16th June- Regular Horse Sale & Premium Tack Sale

7th July- Monthly Horse, Tack & Machinery Sale

21st July- Regular Horse Sale & Premium Tack Sale

4th August- Monthly Horse, Tack & Machinery Sale

18th August- Premium Horse & Tack Sale

1st September- Monthly Horse, Tack & Machinery Sale

15th September- Regular Horse Sale & Premium Tack Sale

20th October- Monthly Horse & Tack Sale

3rd November- Monthly Horse & Tack Sale

1st December- Monthly Horse & Tack Sale

Horses – Please contact Tim Webster for more details

Horses cannot be pre-booked, vendors are welcome to arrive on the morning of the sale from 07:30am with their stock.  Horses will be sold in the order that they arrive at the market.  Passports will be taken at the gate and exchanged for an entry card to be completed with the stock details.  An entry fee of £15 will be charged, with a £5 refund due once the horse is sold in the ring.  Vendors can collect the proceeds from the sale once the buyers have paid for their lots.  Commission is charged at 10% for horses.  We can sell all category of horse: hunter, pony, donkey, alpaca and llama.  If vendors would like to email over pictures of stock that they are planning on bringing to the sale, we are more than happy to advertise them on social media for you.

Tim Webster | Horse Auctioneer
07949 173180 or 01664 562971

Sale times are as follows:

Tack 10:00

Horses 11:30

Our Market Tavern will be open throughout the day, serving meals made from quality local ingredients, and hot and cold refreshments.


Machinery Dates for 2018 are:

7th April
19th May
2nd June
7th July
4th August
1st September
20th October

Tom Greenow will be organising machinery and agrijumble sales, and entries can be brought in for lotting on the day before the sale until 4pm. Our experienced auctioneers are more than willing to visit vendors to appraise lots prior to the sale.  Please let Tom know what machinery you will be bringing in so that we can get it advertised for you prior to the sale.  Please complete the machinery entry form and return to Melton Mowbray market for the attention of Tom Greenow.

Machinery Entry Form

Tom Greenow | Auctioneer
07775 758 586, 01664 562 971

For Machinery queries, please contact Tom Greenow on 07775 758586

For Tack queries, please call the office on 01664 562971

For Horse queries, please contact Tim Webster on 07949 173180

For all other enquiries, please call the main office on 01664 562971


Looking for a bargain or just to sell some unwanted items: whether it’s horse tack or associated items come along and have a browse!  Reserve your lot numbers now by contacting the office on 01664 562971.

The site gates open at 07:30, and the Main Office will be open to book lots in, and get people registered to buy.

Registration costs £2 per calendar year, and you must have ID with proof of address.

Terms & Conditions of Sale:
Tack: Vendors commission will be charged at 10% with a minimum of £1 per lot an entry fee of 50p per lot for unsold items only. The upset price for this sale is £3 per lot. All vendors and buyers must have an auction card at a cost of £2 per annum.

Cards run from January to December.

For more information call the office on 01664 562971