Terms & Conditions

Melton Mowbray Market is proud to be a member of the Livestock Auctioneers Association.
Please see the current conditions of sale from the association here.
We will place other specific terms of sale for the market here in due course. Should you have any questions, please contact the market manager.

In accepting payment by cheque from Gillstream Markets Ltd. you agree that title to the proceeds of the sale of your stock has passed to Gillstream Markets Ltd,  that Gillstream Markets Ltd. is free to collect and/or discount that debt and that title to the sold stock itself has also passed to Gillstream Markets Ltd.   

Market credit

Our standard terms are for payment on the day of purchase.  Some finished stock buyers at Melton Mowbray Market enjoy credit terms with us. Whilst this requires funding by us, we are happy to do this to support the market for all customers. However, we would like to stress that we are not a bank and do not wish to be providing credit to customers who are out of their agreed terms. We will therefore be introducing a new standard procedure whereby as soon as customers are out of terms with us, we will contact them detailing their debts, including interest from sale date (currently 15% per annum) and, where applicable, administration charges on the overdue amount. These may be waived if the debt is repaid immediately, but will otherwise roll and continue to incur additional charges until the debt is paid in full. Customers will also not be able to buy in the market while they have debts out of terms. We thank you all for your co-operation with this procedure, which we firmly believe is in the best interests of your market.

Code of Market Conduct

Thank you to all of those who responded to our consultation on the Code of Market Conduct which was generally received as a useful and non controversial guidance.  The Code is now live and can be found here:

Code of Market Conduct